The Blue Mountains Attainable Housing Corporation's development projects are key to providing attainable units to potential renters and buyers in our community.  Our strategic goal is to create 250 attainable housing units for residents within The Towns of The Blue Mountains by 2025.  Our approach will entail building, incenting and buying housing that meets our attainability criteria in order that quality housing that is affordable and available for rent or purchase to eligible individuals and families whose housing needs are not being by the private housing market.

In 2019 BMAHC went to market for information related to the development of attainable and sustainable rental and ownership units in the Town of The Blue Mountains. This included the development of a Request for Information (“RFI”) to assess the potential for partnerships with developers and builders to deliver attainable housing within TBM, the facilitation of interviews with leaders and experts in the development community to better understand their perspective, and public consultation with local residents.

Following this review of four land parcels with respect to development readiness, environmental impact, and community impact, two parcels were removed from further consideration and the property at 171 King Street East, the former Foodland property, was added.

BMAHC is currently embarking on our first development project in at 171 King Street East in Thornbury, that we refer to as the Gateway Attainable Housing Project.